U.S. PIRG’s Health Professionals Action Network (HPAN) and CCCAS have formed a new partnership this year. Both groups have a shared goal of addressing antibiotic overuse in the food system, but slightly different approaches and strengths. HPAN and CCCAS will work closely to provide action opportunities and activities to members.

CCCAS Forms New Partnership

CCCAS member, Sameer Patel MD, testified on behalf of the Antibiotics to Food Producing Animals Act (SB 3429) in Chicago, Illinois. He used his expertise in human and veterinary health to emphasize to lawmakers the importance of reducing antibiotic use in food animal production.

Testifying at Illinois Subject Matter Hearing

CCCAS member Talene Metjian worked with her infectious disease fellow to develop and post a story on the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) internal blog site raising awareness about the need to restrict the use of antibiotics outside of clinical care to address resistance.

CCCAS Member Spotlight

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